Family - Naif & Navare

Family - Naif & Navare


You may have seen a bit of Nathan (Naif) doing the rounds on our Instagram Story ripping into anything and everything food. Naif is our Sales Manager and helps out with Design when he isn’t on the road. He was born and raised close to our HQ here in The Mount!

 Navare, also partial to eating a lot of food from time to time (All the time) grew up locally too. He Manages Design/Production and has been with us for just over three years.

We asked Naif and Navare a few questions:


What was your first Lower Product?

 Naif - I remember I had this Forest Green Visor that maybe my sister gave to me when I was around 13 years old. It would of been so big on my tiny head, it made my ears stick out cause it didn’t fit my head properly... 

I wore it to school the following day, it was just as Lower was kicking off, I just got made fun for wearing a massive Visor from a brand no one had heard of…I never wore that visor to school again. haha

  Navare - I was 16, working in a local skate shop and remember hearing whispers of the Phife Cap dropping in-store and we weren’t allowed to buy any of it for 2 weeks (Stupid ass rule that the manager had made up). I managed to hide the Bart Simpson one under a pile of sweatshirts out the back for a few weeks, then copped it as soon as the 2 weeks was up - Hat got stolen a few months later at a party.. ha.


Favorite part about working for Lower?

 Naif - That’s a hard one. We have a relatively tight knit team, which I think is a huge advantage - We trust each other a lot. I like the culture here, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. It’s not ego-driven, everyone is very values-based. It makes the place a fun environment to work in. 

Navare - As Nathan said, I think picking one thing is a little hard on the noggin. I’m stoked to be able to say I really enjoy my job. These guys are like family, we work collaboratively together with ease. The thing that really sticks out for me though is one of our values ‘Cheeky, but respectful’ - That sums up our brand pretty damn well. 


What’s your favorite thing about the role 

Navare - Probably how broad it is, most days I”m doing something different. Its good for the brain, I’m not having to do one set task day in day out, my job varies a lot. I’m pretty lucky to have a role like this. One day I could be doing a photoshoot, the next day I could be working on design or in a marketing meeting. It’s broad, and I like that. 

Nathan - I am on the road traveling quite a bit which can be really fun. You get to go to some cool places to meet some good people and eat some great food. Because it’s a sales-based role there is an element of pressure that comes with that, at first I didn’t see that as positive, but now I’m learning to enjoy that aspect. My role is diverse, and has a lot of freedom attached to it, everyone wears multiple hats in their role. I’m lucky to be in the role that I am.


What annoys you most about Nathan?

His forgetfulness, he is always forgetting stuff... HAHAHA

What annoys you most about Navare?
He’s always talking, ha!


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