Almost all of our T-shirting & Sweat-shirting is made by our amazing production team who are based in Coimbatore, Southern India. 
The production company in India is family owned and operated, just like us! Having worked closely with the team for almost 7 years, we have built an amazing trust and understanding of each-other - We support them in any way we can and the feeling is mutual.

Our founder Jake and our Creative Manager Navare visited our production partners in June ’22, it’s been a tough couple years not being able to visit our friends in India. Pre Covid, we were visiting every 4-6 months! The company that manufacturers our products in India are audited by GOTS Certification annually, this audit covers the use of Organic Fibres/Fabrics, but in the last few years the GOTS Certification has widened their umbrella of auditing ensuring the below provisions are met: 

- Working conditions are safe & hygienic

- All workers are provided with regular Health & Safety training

- All working hours are to comply with national laws (Workers work no more than 48 hours a week) 

- All staff/contractors are paid a living wage or minimum wage (Whichever is higher)

- Environmental Management (Sufficient data on water & energy resources)

- Floor workers are also insured with ESI (Employee State Insurance) & PF (Provident funds) something in which the company do themselves and is not a part of the GOTS requirements

Most products we’ve released in to the market as of March ’22 no longer consist of Organic Cotton (due to major cotton price increases across the globe), but are still made in a GOTS Certified Factory. This means all ethical and social responsibility requirements are still followed by the factory even when producing product that is not made from Organic Certified Cotton. We are so proud of our team there, and their ambition to be ahead of the pack in the textiles industry in India. For more information on what the GOTS Certification covers, follow this link:

It's well known that India creates the best cotton in the world, we are very lucky to have such an amazing team in India who can supply us with great garments to share with our customers.