Almost all of our T-shirting & Sweat-shirting is made by our amazing production team who are based in Coimbatore, Southern India. Pre Covid-19, we were visiting them quarterly. But as everyone is now aware, international travel is next to impossible to navigate and we can't wait to be able to visit them again one day soon.
The production company in India is family owned and operated, just like us! Having worked closely with the team for almost 7 years, we have built an amazing trust and understanding of each-other - We support them in any way we can and the feeling is mutual.
Currently, all our India made T-shirts & Sweatshirts are GOTS Organically Certified. This is managed in-house by our production team in India, just like all other facets of their business.
It's well known that India creates the best cotton in the world, we are very lucky to have such an amazing team in India who can supply us with great garments to share with our customers.