Lets Talk About Sweatshirting

Lets Talk About Sweatshirting

We’ve worked hard over the years to produce heavier and higher-quality cotton. Last year we made some big moves with the introduction of our GOTS organically certified heavyweight cotton. GOTS is a textile standard that ensures accountability for ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices. A necessary divider between those who participate in fast fashion and those conscious of the footprint we leave as players in the fashion industry. The decision to use GOTS certified fabric was therefore a simple one.

What was our 360gsm Cotton Sweat-shirting is now 450gsm Pre-washed Organic Heavy-weight Cotton Sweat-shirting. This fabric is used for all of our Hoods, Crews, and Track Pants because we think heavy is good. Once you feel and hold our garments, you’ll understand what we’re talking about.

So what does this mean for you? Pre-washing our fabric reduces the likeliness of shrinkage post purchase and means the integrity of the garment will hold up with every wash. In combination with the heavy-weight fabric it also makes for a garment that hangs better, lasts longer and keeps you so damn warm.

Enjoy Heavy, Enjoy life.